TS870RC - a remote radio control app for OSX


Hello, dear radio amateur, SWL, TS-870 user...

I think, the TS-870 is one of the finest amateur radios still today. 

And I think, the Macintosh is one of the finest computers today.

What I missed was a straight OSX remote control for the TS-870

and so I began to develop.


(Mavericks view)


TS870RC is shareware, how to order

You can order  by sending me a note via the text messaging box below.

I will reply an email containing the app and all belonging informations.


Free demo version available

TS870RC comes in a FREE test / demo version. This means, not all features are enabled.

You can check  proper function of the app and select a majority of parameters,

while "Demo" is shown in the app display.




  • Frequency control via up/down-keys  is blocked
  • Frequency control via  the keypad is blocked
  • Selecting and writing memories of the TS-870 is blocked
  • TX and VOX control is blocked






Getting a fully registered version

TS870RC is shareware.

If you find TS870RC useful, you might consider buying this app.

Please send  USD  15,-  via Paypal to receive your personal ID and Key.

My Paypal address you will receive via email as well on request.



I try to help on questions regarding setup or troubleshooting.

Use this app with your own risk. Feel free to send me a feedback... 


If you like, send me a note about questions you have, things you miss...

Or about your satisfaction :)


Thanks, 73's and good DX

DL5BBD, Werner



Sorry, TS870RC is not compatible with the TS-2000 series.



Please submit any related questions and comments